Hannu Reimen kielikatsaukset ym. artikkeleja / Overviews (FIN) and Essay Links

Afroaasialaiset kielet
~ seemiläis-haamilaiset kielet

An Akkadian Language Site

Abu-Chacra's Introductory Grammar for Literary Standard Arabic
Pages from Colloquial Arabic of Egypt (Routledge 1986-2002)
Conditional sentences in the Egyptian dialect
Pages from Routledge's Colloquial Arabic (Levantine)   (+ table of derived verb forms)
Pages from the Lonely Planet Moroccan Arabic Phrasebook
Extensive Online Resources
A Short Root List with an Abstract on Word Derivation
Pages from Georgetown's A Dictionary of Syrian Arabic
English - Tunisian Arabic - English Dictionary (1977)
An English - LSA - French Wordlist
Pages from the Steingass Classical Arabic dictionary
Pages from the Hans Wehr Dictionary (alt.)

A Manual of the Chaldee Language (OTA aka Biblical Aramaic)
Stevenson's post-Dalman Targumic Aramaic Grammar (alt.)
A handy 'overview of study results' article on Aramaic history and the various dialects
Steve Caruso's AramaicNT.org (advancing a noteworthy reconstruction of JPA/Gal.)
Jastrow's Jewish Literary Aramaic and Hebrew Dictionary
The Akkadian Influences on Aramaic (Kaufman 1974)
Pages from Muraoka's Classical Syriac Grammar
A Compendious Syriac Dictionary by R. Payne Smith
Jennings' Lexicon to the Syriac New Testament
A Search Engine Dictionary (English / French / Syriac)

Pages from Glinert's Modern Hebrew grammar
A Pointed English - Hebrew Dictionary
A Fast-aid Hebrew Keyboard
An Intro to Biblical Hebrew Syntax
Johdatus Raamatun heprean muotoihin

An Introduction to the Egyptian Writing System and Basic Forms
Pages from Loprieno's Ancient Egyptian: A Linguistic Introduction (alt.)
Pages from Egyptian and Semito-Hamitic Studies: In Memoriam W. Vycichl
The Pronunciation of Ancient Egyptian
Ancient Egyptian Vocalization Project @ Wikiversity
An incomplete classical language grammar
English - Egyptian - English Dictionary
Demotic Dictionary
Wikipedian sivu egyptin kielestä
Crum's Coptic Dictionary Scanned
Sahidic Coptic Dictionary

Etelä- ja Keski-Aasiassa esiintyvät kieliryhmät


Kurdish (Sorani) Grammar by Wheeler M. Thackston

Romani Project: The Structure of Romani Language

Simple text-based Sanskrit Lessons
Examples on the uses of "to be"

Pages from the Rough Guide Hindi & Urdu Phrasebook
Pages from the Lonely Planet Nepali Phrasebook

Germaaniset kielet (I-E)

A Handbook of Germanic Etymology by Vladimir Orel
Fordsmender's Proto-Germanic Dictionary
Winfred Lehmann's Proto-Germanic Grammar
Pages from Ringe's From Proto-Indo-European to Proto-Germanic

Stern's Essential Dutch Grammar (Google Books Preview)
Routledge's Dutch: An Essential Grammar (Google Books Preview)

An Introduction to Modern Faroese by W. B. Lockwood
A Small Faroese Grammar at UniLang Wiki
Faroese Morphology & Syntax (HTML version)   (offline)

German <-> Multilingual Dictionary
YLEn etälukion saksan opiskelumoduli

Mímir - Icelandic Grammar Notebook
IELanguages.com's Nifty Icelandic Notes
Gender Identification and Noun Declension
A Multi-language Dictionary
Deutsch - Isländisch Wörterbuch
Allt í lagin näytesivut: johdanto, ääntämys & 1. kappale

A Compact Grammar of Modern Norwegian (Bokmål)
Språklære til både bokmål og nynorsk

The Electronic Introduction to Old English
Old English Grammar by Cyril Babaev
Readings from Beowulf (with WAVs)
Moderate MnE - OE and OE - MnE Wordlists
Clark Hall's A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary Scanned
Circolwyrde Wordhord - Neo-coinages
Pages from Freeborn's From Old English to Standard English
Mayhew and Skeat's Middle English Dictionary (B) (C)

Old Norse Online - A Grammar with Essays
First pages from Faarlund's The Syntax of Old Norse
Another key to the reconstructed pronunciation
Zoëga's Dictionary of the Old Icelandic dialect (alt.)

Old Saxon: Rudimentary Introduction with Links
An Old Saxon - German - English Dictionary
Old Saxon - German Glossaries

Ruotsin kielihistorian apuneuvoja suomeksi
A Swedish Tutorial at IELanguages.com

Itaaliset ja romaaniset kielet (I-E)

Resources of Latin / Latinan kielimateriaalia suomeksi   (engl. linkeissä laaja kielioppi)
English - Latin Word Search
Recent Latin Vocabulary

A Comprehensive Spanish Grammar of the Blackwell Series
Sample pages from Penny's A History of the Spanish Language (more)
Espanjan kielioppi

Galician Phonology & Short Grammar Link (Alternate)
A Concise Verb Conjugator
Wikipedia-artikkeli galegon kielestä

Orbilat.com's Portuguese Grammar
Portuguese Online
A Portuguese Phrasebook
A Pronunciation Guide

Romanian Pronunciation Guide and Basic Phraseology
English <-> Romanian Dictionary and Verb Conjugator
Romanian kielen ääntämys suomeksi esitettynä
Sarlinin Romanian kielioppi Google Booksissa

Kelttiläiset kielet (I-E)

Pages from the Routledge Volume ("The Celtic Languages")
Celtic Linguistics: A collection of papers (mainly on Brythonic)
Aids for various Celtic languages at Omniglot

Wikipedia article on Gaulish including Basic Morphology
"The search for the Gaulish verb"
A Gaulish Glossary
Links for further study

A rudimentary introduction to Old Irish
Pages from Sengoídelc: Old Irish for Beginners
Old Irish Online by the University of Texas
Scéla Mucce Meic Dathó in bilingual columns
Links pertaining to Old Irish and Irish philology
Additional links on medieval Goidelic

Samples from Nancy Stenson's Basic Irish: A Grammar and Workbook
An English - Irish Dictionary   (offline)

Scottish Gaelic: A Basic Course of Four Lessons
Calder's Gaelic Grammar & Etymologies (1923)
A Vintage Gaelic Dictionary made to a Search Engine
A Gaelic - English Dictionary
A Dated Etymological Dictionary in HTML
Pronunciation of Scottish Gaelic
Basic Gaelic for Parents

Selections from Strachan's An Introduction to Early Welsh (1909)
Medieval Welsh: A Self-Instruction Course
Reading Middle Welsh
A Grammatical Sketch of Middle Welsh
Mutation in Middle Welsh and Examples
A Concise "Taste-Of" Glossary (for Brut Y Brenhinedd)
Links by the Finnish Celtological Society

Einführung ins Kymrische
The Morphology of Welsh by Geiriadur yr Academi
The philologically fundamental Welsh Grammar by J. Morris-Jones (B) (C)
Pages from Routledge's Modern Welsh: A Comprehensive Grammar
BBC's Welsh Catchphrase Lessons Index
Welsh Parsing and Analysis
Concerning the Dialects
English <-> Welsh Dictionary by Mark Nodine
A Search-Engine Based Dictionary

Slaavilaiset kielet (I-E)

Russian for Free
Russian Verb Conjugations & Basic Grammar
Modal verbs with examples
A Russian Frequency Dictionary
Dictionary of Spoken Russian (1945)

Paleosiperialaiset sekä muut isolaatit

Basque Etymological Dictionary by R. L. Trask

Pages from Barron's Japanese Grammar (Second Edition)

Koryak Info and Links

Pohjois- ja Etelä-Amerikan alkuperäiskielet

An Etymological Dictionary of Amerind

Sketch of Lakota (Siouan)
Lakota Iyapi - A rich Introductory Site
"LOL" - The Dictionary used by a YahooGroups List

Classical Maya Phonology and Vocabulary
Elements of Classical Maya
Basic Maya hieroglyphs and modern dialects sampled
Maya Languages - A Comparative Vocabulary Database
Tzotzil Mayan: An Online Grammar
A Spanish - Yucatec Maya Dictionary
Languages-on-the-Web.Com's Maya Links

A Glossary of Miami-Illinois (Algonquian)
Miami-Illinois Possessive Affixes

Classical Nahuatl Grammar Notes
Inadequate Nahuatl Lessons
A Nahuatl Dictionary

Uralilaiset kielet

Finnish Samples and Links


A Grammatical Sketch of Tundra Nenets

Tolkienin kielet

Lalaith's Guide to Adûnaic Grammar
Sanskrit Traits in Adûnaic: Finally in Words by B. Bellet
An Original Composition by Thomas Ferencz
Adûnaicia suomeksi

Ardalambion's Main Article on Black Speech
Pseudo-Orcish by Scatha
Adragoor's Pseudo Black Speech Treatise (Svartiska)
Pseudo Black Speech by David Salo, #2
English - Orcish Fan Wordlists (alt.)
A collective link page for fanmade Black Speech materials

Parma Eldalamberon #11: The Gnomish Lexicon
Renk's Goldogrin Grammar - An Introduction
The Goldogrin Pronouns
Gnomish translation of JRRT's 1914 Eärendil by R. Rausch

Lisa Star's Khuzdul Wordlist
Bertrand Bellet's Take on Sharbhund
Concerning the Reader's Companion Tidbit
Links to fan-penned Pseudo-Khuzdul resources
A Pseudo-Khuzdul dictionary compiled by The Dwarrow Scholar
H. Fauskangerin khuzdul-dokumentin suomennos

Ardalambion's easy-to-consult Quenya ABC
Lambë Eldaiva - The quintessentials
Helge Fauskanger's Often-Updated Wordlists
The Probable Quenya Numbers 13 – 19
Parma Penyanë Quettaron - Newwords

R. Derdzinski's Sindarin Grammar Theory
Ardalambion's Consonant Mutation Charts
The Dictionaries by Didier Willis & Benjamin Babut
Debunking the Hypothetical Superlative
Florian Dombach's New Pronunciation Site
On the Pronunciation of ll
H. Ensle's Alternative Sindarin Theories
H. Fauskangerin sindar-dokumentin suomennos

Teleri Lambëo Minaþurië
Telerin in Vinyar Tengwar #47
David Salo's Comparative Essay 2010 - 2 - 3 - 4

Phil Smith's Reconstructed Westron Wordlist

Amanyë Tenceli: The Writing Systems of Aman
Tengwar Numerals in the King's Letter
Online Tengwar Transcriber
Suomen kirjoittaminen tengwarilla

Takaisin pääsivulle